Assassination of Brangwain Spurge


Author: M.T. Anderson & Eugene Yelchin

Illustrator: Eugene Yelchin

Also Available In:
Audio $24.99

The elf and goblin kingdoms have been at war for as long as anyone can remember. But maybe that war is about to end. Elf historian, Brangwain Spurge, has one mission – to deliver an ancient artifact to the mysterious goblin king so as to garner peace between their nations. On the other side of the world, goblin archivist, Werfel, similarly has one mission – to host Brangwain while he visits the goblin kingdom and make sure he’s as comfortable as possible. Things don’t quite go to plan, though, in this hilarious satire. As the story cuts between Brangwain and Werfel’s perspectives, it becomes clear that the two are seeing and reporting the same events in a very different light. As a series of double crosses, blunders, and cultural misunderstandings throws these two bumbling scholars into the middle of an international crisis, Brangwain might just end up starting a new war instead of ending it! Told in both text and pictures.

Your young readers will be drawn into this whimsical satire as they begin to question whether the ultimate winner in war is the victor or whomever gets to write the history of it.