Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol*


Author: Arthur A. Levine


Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes



Nate Gadol was a great big spirit with shiny eyes and a bright smile. In answer to people’s prayers, he made things last as long as needed – whether it was making a tiny bit of oil last eight days, as he had done long ago, or a flower stay fresh to keep up the spirits of someone who was ill – Nate was up to the job. But when the Glassers, newly arrived in America, give the last of their money to help a neighbor’s child, leaving them with nothing for Hanukkah, Nate is at a loss. How can he stretch nothing? A lucky encounter with Santa just might provide the opportunity for both of them to get their jobs done! With some clever magic and good will, Nate manages to help save both Christmas and Hanukkah! Your youngsters will be swept away by this enchanting tale of Hanukkah magic that is sure to become a new holiday tradition! Ages 3-8. 32pp.