Because Amelia Smiled


Author: David Ezra Stein

Illustrator: David Ezra Stein

When a young girl named Amelia smiles at her neighbor, she has no idea how much her
simple smile will affect the world. Because she smiles as she skips down the
street, her neighbor smiles too and decides to send a care package to her
grandson in Mexico. When he gets the cookies, he smiles and has an idea of his
own. As each person passes along their good feelings, the story charts a global
path as people from various countries and walks of life are inspired to pass
their happiness along. In this heartwarming story, a chain of good deeds is set
off by a mere smile from a young girl, a circuitous chain that finds a
surprising and very happy ending.
Your young readers will cherish this heartwarming tale of happiness spreading as
they discover just how far their own kindness can travel and how many people it
can touch. Ages 4-8. 40pp.