Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

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Author: Robert C. O'Brien

Illustrator: Zena Bernstein

1972 Newbery Medal Winner! Mrs. Frisby, a widowed field mouse with four children, knows she must move out of their winter home in the garden before farmer Fitzgibbon comes with his plow, but her youngest son Timothy is gravely ill and cannot survive the trek to the meadow. In desperation, the mother mouse seeks help from a wise owl, who learning she is the widow Jonathan Frisby, tells her "you must go to the Rats." When she does, she discovers they and her late husband had escaped from a human laboratory where experiments had greatly increased their intelligence. The rats can read, use electricity, and are planning to create their own society. And it turns out that not only can they help Mrs. Frisy, but she in turn can help them. Unfortunately, to do so, she must risk an encounter with the farmer's notorious cat!


Filled with wonder, humor, and heart, this beloved tale has been a favorite with young readers for 50 years!