All the Best Dogs


All the Best Dogs will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is November 5, 2024

Author: Emily Jenkins

Estimated Ship Date: November 5, 2024

Welcome to the dog park!  It’s a playground for dogs in the big city. Here, four sixth graders (and their dogs!) overlap on one hilarious and important June weekend. 
    Ezra needs to find his lost dog.
    Cup-Cup needs a friend. (She also needs to learn to walk on a leash.)
    Mei-Alice wonders if anyone will ever understand her.
    Panda wonders what will happen if she breaks the rules.
    Kaleb is covering up a terrible mistake.
    Grover and Lottie are making lots of terrible mistakes. (Some of them are disgusting.)
    And Jilly needs to make a new life in a new place. 
    On this almost-summer weekend, a series of surprises, mishaps, and misunderstandings will end up changing all of their lives