Alice in a Winter Wonderland


Alice in a Winter Wonderland will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is November 26, 2024

Author: Jan Brett


Illustrator: Jan Brett


Estimated Ship Date: November 26, 2024

*Signed Copies Available While Supplies Last!*

A striking rendition of Alice in Wonderland transported to a shimmering Alaskan tundra, in Jan Brett's rich signature style.

When Alice spies a white rabbit checking his pocket watch before hippity-hopping down a crevasse in an Alaskan glacier, she knows she must follow him. And so she pops down the rabbit hole, into a world of absurd personalities, topsy-turvy action, and laugh-out-loud silliness. Favorite characters like Cheshire Cat and the Duchess and King and Queen come to life as vibrant animals native to Alaska making this classic tale shine through a fresh lens, certain to appeal to readers of all ages.