Good Things


Author: Maryah Greene

Illustrator: Alleanna Harris

From Plant Doctor Maryah Greene, as seen on Good Morning America, Vogue and The Cut, comes a beautiful and necessary picture book about a little boy who loses his father and pays homage to his life through the growth and love of plants.

Malcolm loves everything about his dad, "Pops"; the way he looks out for everyone in the neighborhood; the way he always seems to know the right thing to say, and especially, the way he cares for his plants. Malcolm has dreamed of having plants that will grow as big and healthy as Pop’s but making that into a reality is turning out to be much harder than he thought. To keep him going, Pops reminds Malcolm that "Good things take time." But when Pops unexpectedly passes away, and his plants are left to Malcolm; Malcolm feels like there is too much responsibility on his shoulders and hurt in his heart.

With Good Things, Maryah Greene tells a tender and honest story about loss, hope and memory. While gorgeous and colorful illustrations by Alleanna Harris bring this world to life.