Show Up and Vote


Show Up and Vote will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is August 27, 2024

Author: Ani DiFranco


Illustrator: Rachelle Baker

Estimated Ship Date: August 27, 2024

From the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, political activist, and feminist icon comes a story of connectedness and collective responsibility, as told through the eyes of a young child going to vote for the first time.

Singer-songwriter, activist, feminist, and best-selling author Ani Di Franco has penned a lyrical narrative for her youngest audience: a picture book about the eye-opening act of voting. A young girl accompanies her mother to their local polling station and pays witness to the commonality of this experience. Her mother gently reinforces the great responsibility and importance of this act, while the girl moves through feelings of excitement, nervousness, and ultimately, invigoration. Rachelle Baker adds an authentic neighborhood feel in a range of bright, bold colors and familiar faces, establishing a realistic and relatable setting. An age-appropriate call-to-action for all young citizens.