Meet the Hamantaschen


Author: Alan Silberberg

Illustrator: Alan Silberberg

You've met the latkes, you've met the it's time to meet the hamantaschen in this zany Purim story!

In this mis-told holiday tale, three hamantaschen detectives are on the case for the TRUE story of Purim. Complete with hilarious disguises as the detectives wade their way through a Purim costume party, this retelling has a case of mistaken identity. Can they set the record straight on Purim, or will the truth get away from them? Meet the Hamantaschen is the perfect follow-up to Alan Silberberg's one of a kind holiday stories, Meet the Latkes and Meet the Matzah. Eagle-eyed readers will spot an homage to Latkes at the end of this Purim charade, bringing readers full circle as they find the joy-and the funny!-in one of the most raucous Jewish celebrations.