Author: Akwaeke Emezi

Meet Jam, a trans girl living in the city of Lucille — a Utopian world where firearms are banned, no religion or nationalism divides citizens, and most importantly, there are no more monsters — not since the angels destroyed them all. It’s been so long since that day, that no one even remembers what a monster looks like. Still, when Jam’s mother, Bitter, creates a picture of a terrifying creature with corpse hands, fur, feathers, and razor blades sticking out of its flesh, Jam thinks this might be a monster. Then the impossible happens — Jam accidentally cuts herself on the picture and her blood brings Bitter’s horrifying creation to life.

Jam is terrified at first, but the creature, named Pet, insists that it isn’t there to hurt anyone. It’s here to hunt for real monsters. Which raises the question — in a world without monsters, how do you recognize one when you meet it? Your young teens will be drawn into the idyllic city of Lucille as they realize that monsters aren’t made by how they appear, but how they act.