Dragons vs. Unicorns

Kate the Chemist


Dragons vs. Unicorns will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is April 14, 2020

Author: Kate Biberdorf

Estimated Ship Date: April 14, 2020

Kate the Chemist is her neighborhood’s ten-year-old science problem solver. There’s no problem Kate can’t fix! When her best friend Birdie is cast as the lead unicorn in their school musical Dragons vs. Unicorns, and Kate is chosen to be the assistant director, they agree this is going to be the best musical EVER! Kate is a natural assistant director; like all good scientists, she’s smart and organized, but she also comes up with great ideas, like making liquid nitrogen Cheetos so the Dragons can look like they’re breathing fire! But when everything starts going wrong with the musical and Kate realizes someone is sabotaging the show, she will have to use her special science sleuthing skills to find a solution.