Night of the Living Dummy

Classic Goosebumps


Author: R.L. Stine

When twins Lindy and Kris find a ventriloquist's dummy in a dumpster, Lindy decides to rescue it and name it Slappy. Kris is green with envy. It's not fair. Why does Lindy get to have all the fun and all the attention? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She'll show Lindy. But then things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil things. A terrible thought occurs to them. What if the dummy is alive and pulling the strings?
Series Information: Since the first Goosebumps book was released in 1992, this groundbreaking, bestselling horror series has been making readers scream...while they laugh! Author R.L. Stine has written about every monster, from the familiar, like mummies and vampires, to his new creations, like Slappy the Dummy and Monster Blood. Scholastic has re-released some of Stine's favorite spooky tales along with "Behind the Screams" features that give the reader even more thrills and giggles!