Author: David Wiesner

Illustrator: David Wiesner

A new baby's arrival is a big moment in any family, even a family of robots. There is excitement and fanfare when baby Flange arrives – as a crate full of components! The adults attempt to assemble baby Flange, but putting together a new baby turns out to be harder than the parents remember. Big sister Cathy (short for Cathode) offers to help, but is dismissed as one adult after another tries, only to end up botching the process with catastrophic results. As chaos ensues, big sister Cathy, with her handy toolbox and advanced knowledge of robotics and IT, calmly clears up the technical difficulties and welcomes her new baby brother to the family! Your young robot-lovers will be laughing with glee as young Cathy takes matters into her own mechanical hands, assembling her new brother even as the adult robots dismiss her attempts to help. Ages 4-8. 32pp.