The Polar Express 30th Anniversary Edition


Author: Chris Van Allsburg


Illustrator: Chris Van Allsburg



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1986 Caldecott Medal Winner!

All aboard! Join a young boy on the magical Polar Express to the North Pole! There he meets Santa Claus and receives the first Christmas gift of the year — a tinkling silver bell that makes the most wonderful sound imaginable. On the way home, he accidentally loses the bell, but then he finds it again under the Christmas tree — with a note from "Mr. S." As he gives it a shake, he and his sister revel in its beautiful sound, but his mother thinks the bell is broken, because she can't hear it. As the years pass, though others slowly loose their ability to hear the bell, our hero still can — as can all who truly believe. You and your family will adore this stirring story of imagination, courage, and the importance of believing. Accompanying each copy ordered will be a CD of Academy Award-winning actor Liam Neeson reading the complete text.

Ages 4 and up. 32pp.

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