Greenglass House

Greenglass House


Author: Kate Milford

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12-year-old Milo has lived in Greenglass House since he was adopted. One winter night, during a howling blizzard, Milo is surprised by the arrival of guest after guest! A total of five odd, secretive guests arrive – each one bearing a strange story and possessions that somehow connect to the rambling old house. As those possessions begin disappearing, Milo enlists Meddy, the cook’s daughter, to help him figure out what is going on. Can Milo and Meddy decipher the clues and untangle the web of deepening mysteries?

Your young sleuths will be spellbound by this intriguing mystery as they follow Milo and Meddy and all the twists and turns they encounter along the path to discovering the long-hidden secrets of Greenglass House. Ages 10-14. 176pp.