Smartest Kid in the Universe

The Smartest Kid in the Universe


Author: Chris Grabenstein


12-year-old Jake is your typical C student whose middle school is scheduled to shut down and he doesn’t know what he can do to stop it. He’s just not smart enough to come up with a genius, school-saving plan. Then he accidentally eats a bowlful of jelly beans at a science conference and wakes up the next morn-ing to find he’s the smartest kid in the universe! It turns out that those jelly beans were actually a cutting-edge technology called “ingestible information pills.” Now he knows every word in the dictionary and the toughest math problems are easy. But, Jake’s life quickly spins out of control as government and mega-corporations look to exploit his new-found genius. And he’s still got his school to save! Your young geniuses will roar with laughter as Jake uses his brain to dodge the bad guys and search for a buried treasure that could just be the key to saving his school from demolition. Ages 8-12. 304pp.



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