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Spin the Dawn

Blood of Stars

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Author: Elizabeth Lim

Maia dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but girls are never given that chance. But when a court messenger comes calling for Maia’s ailing father, a once-renowned tailor, she seizes her chance to follow her dream. Stealing the invitation, she disguises herself as his son. When Maia arrives at the capital, she learns that the Emperor has called the 12 best tailors in the land to vie for a position in his Imperial Court. With eyes watching her from every side and ruthless competitors ready to sabotage each other at the drop of a stitch, Maia must keep her true identity hidden as she fights to make her impossible dream come true. Your teens will be astonished by this fantasy steeped in Chinese culture as Maia spins out magical dresses that rival the brilliance of the sun, the moon, and even the stars. Ages 12 and up. 416pp.