This Is Not That Kind of Book


Author: Christopher Healy

Illustrator: Ben Mantle

What happens when a group of characters can’t decide what kind of book they’re in? It all starts out fine, with the letter A introducing an apple, but Little Red Riding Hood quickly jumps in to say that this is not that kind of book. But it’s not quite a fairy tale either, as the forest they’re in transforms into Mars and then a cozy schoolhouse with a not-so-friendly hedgehog waiting inside.

As the book continues to shift — to a joke book, a pirate’s tale, and a mystery — the characters from each tale get more and more confused. What kind of book are they in, anyways? They’ll have to venture outside of their stories to find out. Your young readers will delight in this quirky tale that combines a mishmash of traditional genres into an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind new book that challenges them to venture beyond their comfort zones as well.