Kingston and the Echoes of Magic

Kingston and the Magicians


Author: Rucker Moses & Theo Gangi



Kingston might have saved Echo City but the victory is bittersweet without his pops by his side. Christmas is approaching and if Kingston could have one wish, it would be to have his father, who is trapped in the Realm, come home. But as new problems arise and blackouts blanket the city, Kingston begins to have a persistent feeling of déjà vu, as if he's lived this same day before--and he has.

Echo City (living up to its name), is caught in a repeating time loop, becoming an echo. Maestro, his father's old rival, has found a way to replace the real world with an alternate timeline and his plans for Kingston's reality could mean the end for Kingston's world. It will be up to Kingston, Too Tall, and V to find a way to enter the Realm and travel back through time, riding echoes, to stop Maestro and save Brooklyn before it's erased for good.