Weather's Bet


Author: Ed Young

Illustrator: Ed Young

From Caldecott Medalist Ed Young comes a picture book retelling of Aesop’s fable The Wind and the Sun.

Once upon the sky, there were three brothers—the Wind, the Rain, and the Sun—each claiming to be the mightier than the others. One day, the brothers came upon a shepherd girl fast asleep upon a hill, so they made a bet to see who could make her take her cap off. First the Wind, who was the oldest and could topple anything anywhere, tries to blow off her cap with a powerful gust of wind. Next is Rain, who brings the waters down and tries to soak her hat through. Last is the Sun, who shines his light and warmth on her. Who will be the strongest of them all?

Rendered in exquisite mixed-media collage, Caldecott Medalist Ed Young’s gorgeous and deeply poignant retelling of the well-known Aesop’s fable The Wind and the Sun, proves that sometimes gentle persuasion and kindness are the best virtues of all.