Warren & Dragon Volcano Deluxe

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Author: Ariel Bernstein

Illustrator: Mike Malbrough

Warren has been invited to a birthday party by one of his new classmates, so its birthday present shopping time! And the first toy he spots, a Deluxe Volcano Building Set Supreme is perfectfor himself. Its too much money, his mother tells him, choosing another gift for his classmate. But Warren cant stop thinking about exploding volcanoes, and soon he and Dragon are thinking up ways to make money and buy the volcano set for themselves. A bake sale? A magic show? A car wash? All great ideasthat is until Warrens sister misinterprets their personal fundraising for charity fundraising and decides that everything they earn should go to the local childrens hospital. Does this mean that Warren and Dragon will have to give away all the money they make? Goodbye Deluxe Volcano Building Set Supreme!