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All the Greys on Greene Street

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Author: Laura Tucker

12-year-old Ollie lives with her family in New York City in 1981. Growing up in a household of painters and sculptors, Ollie has always had an artistic eye for the world. She sees brilliant color everywhere she goes. But after her father disappears, she only sees grey. She’s not sure where he’s gone or who the woman is that he left with. All she knows is that her mother’s depression has come back and that her mother can’t get out of bed, not even to work on her latest commissioned piece.

This isn’t the first time she’s been depressed like this, but with Ollie’s father away — maybe for good — Ollie doesn’t know what to do. Nothing she tries seems to help. And if anyone finds out, they might take her away from her mom for good. Your young readers will be touched by this powerful story of mental health awareness set in gritty 1980’s NYC, as Ollie struggles to understand her mother’s depression and get her the help that she needs.


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