Gertie Milk and the Keeper of Lost Things

Gertie Milk

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Author: Simon Van Booy

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After washing up on the mysterious island of Skuldark with no memory, twelve-year-old Gertie Milk discovers she’s been chosen as the next Keeper of Lost Things. She’s tasked with the mission of returning lost objects to famous historical figures right when they need it most—whether it’s Charles Darwin’s beetle specimens, Eratosthenes’ special measuring stick, or the lost Swords of Mount Mogan.

With the help of a time machine disguised as a vintage sports car and the guidance of her mentor and fellow Keeper, Kolt, Gertie races through time from a 1920s flapper party to a secret mountain village in 770 BC China to complete her missions.

Soon, however, Gertie must face an enemy that threatens everything the Keepers stand for, villains who don’t want to keep order but to destroy it: the Losers. It’s up to Gertie to stop the Losers and set history back in place—all while unraveling the mystery of her identity.