Author: Pam Munoz Ryan

Lost in the forest, Otto meets three mysterious sisters and suddenly finds himself entwined in a puzzling quest involving a prophecy, a promise, and a harmonica – an epic tale that will echo into the future and draw together an unlikely set of three children living before and during WWII. Friedrich, a boy living in Nazi Germany who aspires to be a conductor, must rescue his father from a prison camp. Piano prodigy Mike and his brother Frankie are orphans living in Pennsylvania during the Great Depression. And Ivy Maria is a girl living in California during World War II struggling with her school’s segregation and anti-Japanese sentiments. All three children find their stories inter-woven when the same harmonica comes into each of their lives. As destiny pulls them forward, will they be able to find a happy ending despite the tumult around them? Your young readers will be swept away by this epic tale as they discover that with bravery and heart, even the greatest challenges can be overcome and the actions of one can make a world of difference. Ages 10-14. 592pp.