Invention of Hugo Cabret


Author: Brian Selznick

Illustrator: Brian Selznick

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2008 Caldecott Medal Winner! 12-year-old orphan Hugo Cabret lives in a forgotten room of a Paris train station in 1931, secretly minding the stations clocks (his missing uncles job) and trying to stay hidden so he wont be sent away. Hugo spends all his free time trying to fix the automaton that his late father found, believing that if he can follow the sketches in his fathers notebook and fix the mechanical man, it will reveal a message from his father.

When Hugo's life becomes entangled with a bitter old toy maker in the station, it unleashes a cascade of events that culminates in the unraveling of the mystery of the automaton, the toy makers surprising past, and Hugo's own destiny. Intertwining puzzles involving magic, movies, and the fragility of friendship, this heartwarming story is told partly through traditional narrative and partly through intricate, cinematic, wordless black-and-white pictures both combining to tell the tale more fully than either could alone.

Your young readers will be enchanted as Hugo uncovers the truth about the automaton and discovers the true magic of holding on to your dreams. A bold, innovative book that opened new possibilities in storytelling.