Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience School

LaRue Books


Author: Mark Teague

Illustrator: Mark Teague

When Ike LaRue is "imprisoned" at the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy, he's inconsolable. Who could imagine sending such a good dog to a horrible obedience school? It's not his fault that he ate Mrs. LaRue's chicken pot pie, and he certainly can't be blamed for chasing the neighbor's horrible cats up a tree - he was the one trying to get those drama-queens to come down, honest! 

Ike tries everything to get sent home -- from weepy letters to his owner to fake illnesses -- until. finally, he decides that he has no choice but to head out on the lam, and make his escape back to his beloved Mrs. LaRue. 

Mark Teague is at the top of his fetching form in this madcap comedy where the spa-like real world of Brotweiler & the 1940s noir version Ike imagines are brilliantly depicted through split-screen illustrations, to charming and hilarious effect.