We Are Inevitable


Author: Gayle Forman

Nineteen-year-old Aaron Stein feels like a dinosaur after the asteroid has already hit - just going through the motions of slowly going extinct.

Over the past year and a half, his brother died from an overdose, his mother took off, and Aaron gave up his dreams of college to stay in his crumbling Cascades mountain town and help his dad run their moldering bookstore, taking on the impossible tasks of caring for his dad and trying to sell used books to out-of-work lumberjacks. 

So when Aaron sees the opportunity to sell the store, he jumps at it, thinking it might be his only way out. But there's no way he could have accounted for party-bro Chad, an old friend of his brother’s who uses a wheelchair, showing up and insisting on building an accessibility ramp for the store. He couldn't have accounted for the town's out-of-work lumberjacks - none of whom were there for Aaron or his dad when the Stein family fell apart - taking on the failing bookstore as their cause célèbre.

And he certainly couldn't have accounted for meeting Hannah, a brave, beautiful punk musician who just might change the way Aaron sees the whole world.

You see, maybe extinction isn't such a tragedy after all. Sometimes, maybe extinction can even be the start of something new.