Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship

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Author: Edward Hemingway

Illustrator: Edward Hemingway

Mac is an apple -- a good apple. He shares his toys with other apples and helps his Granny Smith pick up after class. One day, when Mac falls asleep in the rain, he wakes with a funny tickling in his ear. Will, a worm, has found a home with Mac. They quickly become good friends, teaching each other games and even finishing each other’s sentences. But when Mac shows up with Will, all his friends make fun of him and call him a bad apple! Mac doesn't know what to do, but Will doesn't like seeing his friend upset and so goes his own way. But Mac misses Will and decides he'd rather be a bad apple with a good friend like Will than a sad apple without him. Your young readers and listeners will cheer for Mac and Will, even as they discover that true friends stick by each other through thick and thin. Ages 3-6. 32pp.