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Great Treehouse War

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Author: Lisa Graff

It all began when Winnie’s parents got divorced. In the whirlwind of of the arrangements that followed, Winnie finds herself missing out on activities with her friends, skipping homework, and desperately wishing she had some time just to herself to write a story for an upcoming contest.

Faced with all of this, Winnie decides to barricade herself in her treehouse and refuse to come out—an idea which her friends from Tulip Street Elementary find so appealing that they decide to join her. But with ten kids in one treehouse, all with their own agendas and demands, Winnie discovers that no one is happy with their status quo, and they’re counting on her to change it! What has she gotten herself into?

The kids have turned the tables on the parents, and all rules have been tossed out the window. But as Winnie quickly begins to realize, having a community she can count on is a good thing—and it makes her realize what it is she truly wants from her parents. This story, with a pitch-perfect middle grade voice and zany yet poignant situation, is ideal for fans of Sharon Creech, Louis Sachar, and Jack Gantos.




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