Department of Lost Dogs


Author: Josephine Cameron



This mystery is chock-full of pups in peril, Houdini-inspired whodunits, and a rollicking cast of characters!

Eleven-year-old Rondo McDade is starting to feel left out. His older brother, Epic, is heading into high school, and his younger sister, Elvis, is always mad at him. His parents, who are busy running their dog-friendly bed-and-breakfast, the Perro del Mar, keep pushing him out of the house and into the company of the new kid in town, hoping he'll keep Rondo out of trouble. To top it all off, the Bentley Knows TV show is filming a new episode at the Perro, and the whole town is packed with movie people.

Just when things couldn't get worse, celebrity canines start to go missing, including one of the star's beloved Italian greyhound, Pico Boone. Rondo will have to make friends with the new kid and keep his siblings together in order to crack the case!