Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion


Author: K. Tempest Bradford

Won at auction, this contemporary backyard sci-fi adventure with a Black heroine—written by a Black author in her middle grade debut—is pitch-perfect for fans of The Serpent's Secret and Clean Getaway.

Eleven-year-old Ruby is a Black girl who loves studying insects, much to the grossed-out dismay of her Gramma and the pride of her parents. So when she finds the weirdest insect she’s ever seen in her front yard, she makes sure Gramma isn't looking and captures it for further study.

But then Ruby realizes that the creature isn't just a rare insect. It's an alien bug. And it has promptly burned a hole through her window and disappeared. Soon things around the neighborhood go missing, and no one's heard from the old lady down the street for a week. Ruby will have to team up her with her rag-tag group of friends to find this new invasive species before the feds do.

This delightful middle grade debut is swarming with humor, spunky protagonists, and major Louis Sachar vibes. Ruby is the science hero we've been waiting for!