Dog Star


Author: Megan Shepherd



Trust takes courage.

Laika is a "Cold Dog"—a stray pawing the streets of Moscow until Soviet researchers take her to live at the top-secret facility. Nervous and alone, she learns she will be trained to become a "starflyer," an animal launched into outerspace in the Soviet's race against American innovation.

Twelve-year-old Nina is also a "Cold Girl," heartbroken after her best friend defects to America. When Nina and Laika meet in Nina's father's lab, their growing bond slowly warms the cold that has settled in each other's hearts. Together, they uncover a system of secrets, and must decide if they too will separate from the pack, or rocket to the stars.

Inspired by the true story of Laika, Dog Star is an inspiring novel about friendship, personal agency, and the real meaning of love and loyalty.