First Friends: How Dogs Evolved from Wolves to Become Our Best Friends


Author: Kersten Hamilton

Illustrator: Jaime Kim

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Gray wolves evolve from human’s vicious competitors to hunting partners to loyal companions in this educational and entertaining nonfiction picture book about how dogs became our best friends, illustrated by a #1 New York Times–bestselling artist.

Long, long ago, when the world was new . . . a girl met a pup. In those days, everyone knew that wolves and children could not be friends. Still, they learned from each other—how to hunt, how to trade, how to survive, how to play. And years and years went by, and the world spun and changed.

And then—a boy fished with a wolf, and a girl traded with a wild dog, and animal and human grew up side by side—into the best friends we are today.

With lyrical text by Kersten Hamilton and luminous illustrations by Jaime Kim, First Friend is an exploration of how the wild wolves became dogs, and how we learned to communicate and grow alongside the creatures we love.