Ruby in the Sky


Author: Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo

When twelve-year-old Ruby Moon Hayes and her mother move to Vermont, Rubys goal is to stay as silent and invisible as a new moon in the frozen sky. She doesnt want kids at school asking about her missing father or discovering that her mother has been arrested. But hiding isnt easy when Ahmad Saleem, a Syrian refugee, decides hes her new best friend. Or when she meets the Bird Lady, a recluse named Abigail, who lives in a ramshackle shed near Rubys house. No one in town understands Abigailpeople whisper about her, about her boarded-up house and the terrible secrets she must be hiding.

As Moms trial draws near and Abigail faces eviction, Ruby is forced to make a choice: break her silence or risk losing everyone she loves. Rubys story is about the walls we hide behind and the magic that can happen when were brave enough to break free.