The Book of Stolen Time (Feylawn #2)

The Feylawn Chronicles


Author: Dashka Slater


*Signed bookplate*

Rufus may have successfully sent the feylings home to the Green World, but he still has one pesky feyling under his wing: Nettle, his sometimes-enemy, now mentor. Nettle is in charge of helping Rufus and his cousin Abigail protect Feylawn, their grandfather's magical and mysterious homestead.

But this difficult task becomes even more dangerous when leopards appear in the mist without warning, birds and deer skitter with terror, and goblins are digging their way back up to Earth, hungry for revenge. Meanwhile, Rufus's father is intent on selling Feylawn to the highest bidder. Can Rufus and Abigail save Feylawn and its magic? Or will they have to say goodbye to the feylings forever?