The Lost Galumpus


Author: Joseph Helgerson


Illustrator: Udayana Lugo

*Signed Bookplate*

A time-traveling woolly mammoth finds refuge and rescue at the unlikely hands of a possum and his community of woodland friends in this humorous middle grade book. For fans of Crenshaw and The Wild Robot.

When a furry, four-legged beast from the distant past appears in their park, the local animals are concerned about unwanted attention from humans. Gilly the possum, assistant to raccoon mayor Crawdaddy, is tasked with figuring out where the lost galumpus came from . . . and how to get him home again.

While Gilly and the mayor don’t agree on much, they can agree on one thing: with a huge blizzard rolling in, the galumpus needs their help, no matter where he came from.

This laugh-out-loud, illustrated adventure has the whole woodland community in Theodore Wirth Park considering the best way to welcome a newcomer—and what generosity in the face of unthinkable circumstances can mean