Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy


Author: Gary D. Schmidt

In this powerful and moving novel, Turner Buckminster, a preacher’s son newly arrived in in Phippsburg, Maine, meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a strong, spirited black girl from Malaga Island, a nearby island community founded by former slaves. All of Phippsburg, especially Turner’s repressive father, disapprove of their friendship, but Turner ignores them; Lizzie is the wisest, most knowledgeable person he ever met. On top of knowing everything, she can row a boat and pitch a baseball like a champ. The town’s move to turn the island into a tourist attraction destroys the powerless community, a historical event that occurred in 1912. It is the catalyst for a wave of personal losses that shakes Turner’s world but leaves him whole. With a new introduction by the author and author’s note.