Author: Sophie Blackall


Illustrator: Sophie Blackall

*Signed Copies*


Over a hill, at the end of a road, by a glittering stream that twists and turns stands a farmhouse. Step inside and meet the twelve children born and raised in this lovely farmhouse. See where they learned to crawl, then walk, and were measured with marks over the years. Watch as the children grow up and head off to lead their lives, each eventually leaving till the house is abandoned. And, then, discover the joy of the author and artist finding the old house and bringing it back to live through their art. Based on a real family and actual farmhouse where two-time Caldecott Medalist Sophie Blackall salvaged facts and artifacts for the making of this spectacular book, overflowing with luminous details and joy.

Ages 4–8. 48pp.

Your young readers and listeners will be fascinated as the explore this home that once was and watch it come to life once more!