Hollowpox: The Hunt for Morrigan Crow*



Author: Jessica Townsend



Having survived her first year of schooling at the Wundrous Society, Morrigan Crow is ready for her next challenge – learning to control the mysterious power threatening to consume her from within. But even as she focuses on her lessons, a terrifying and unknown disease is spreading through Nevermoor. The Hollowpox is infecting Wunimals and turning them into mindless, dangerous Unimals on the prowl. As rumors circulate, many believe that the villainous Wundersmith, Ezra Squall, is behind the plague. With time ticking down, Morrigan must race to hone her powers and find a cure before it’s too late. Your young readers will be thrilled as they return to the wondrous world of Nevermoor for Morrigan’s third magical adventure. Ages 9-13. 560pp.