Pizza for Birds


Pizza for Birds will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is August 13, 2024

Author: Bob Shea

Illustrator: Bob Shea

Estimated Ship Date: August 13, 2024

This laugh-out-loud funny sequel to breakout hit Chez Bob introduces a cutthroat competition between everyone's favorite birdseed restauranteur and his pizza-delivery rival!

Look out, Bob—there's a new restaurant in town. Meet Ryan! This guy’s got it all: The hippest hair! The coolest bike tricks! The wildest parties! And most awesome of all…PIZZA FOR BIRDS! Can Bob—the big cheese at the best birdseed restaurant around—cook up a recipe for disaster that’ll stir the pot and push his rival to go south?

In this parody of the phenomenon of online bullying, Bob’s relatable flaws of jealousy, impulsive reactivity, and fear of abandonment offer a valuable lesson which will resonate in a world where lies and misinformation abound on the internet.