Black Brother, Black Brother*


Author: Jewell Parker Rhodes



Even though bi-racial brothers Donte and Trey attend the same predominantly-white private school, they are treated very differently. In the hallways, Donte is known as the “black brother” because his complexion is much darker than Trey’s white-presenting skin. Classmates call him names while teachers wish he’d be more like his quiet and obedient brother. When Donte gets into trouble with the police after a bully picks on him, he is determined to get revenge by taking up fencing and beating the boy at his own game. With the help of a former Olympian, Donte embarks on a journey to carve out his own spot on the team and at his school. Your young readers will be inspired as Donte faces down discrimination and injustice as he struggles to prove himself and discover who he truly is. Ages 8-12. 256pp.