Astonishing Color of After


Author: Emily X. R. Pan

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When Leigh Chen Sanders’s mother dies of suicide, Leigh is absolutely certain of one thing -- that the body lying lifeless in her house is not her mother. No. Her mother is a bird, flying free. Struggling to come to grips with her mother’s death, Leigh travels to Taiwan to visit her maternal grandparents for the very first time. She is determined to find her mother -- the bird – and while exploring Taiwan, chasing after the ghost of her mother and uncovering family secrets, she also tries to reconcile her feelings for her best friend, Axel. The day Leigh’s mother died of suicide was also the same day they had their very first kiss. But now her feelings about that day are all mixed up and she doesn’t know how to feel about him anymore.

Your teens will be moved by Leigh’s emotional journey as magic and reality blend and she travels through the past and present to try and make sense of her grief and come to terms with her heartbreaking loss.