J.R. Silver Writes Her World


Author: Melissa Dassori


! Sixth grade is off to a difficult start for Josephine Rose Silver. Her best friend, Violet, returns from camp with a new best friend and her parents refuse to grant her more independence. When her teacher unveils a collection of old Gothamite magazines and tells the class to craft short stories inspired by the iconic covers, J.R. discovers a peculiar power: The stories she writes come true. Soon J.R. is getting a cell phone, scoring game-winning goals, and triggering school cancellations. But each new story creates as many conflicts as it does solutions. And when J.R. tries to write a fix for her fallout with Violet, all her problems converge. Your young writers will love this story that combines a pinch of magic, mystery, art history, and language arts with a journey of growth and self-confidence.

Ages 8–12. 272pp