The Hostile Hospital

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Author: Lemony Snicket

Illustrator: Brett Helquist

If you read one book this season, make it something else.
BURST: The worst books ever to hit the New York Times Best Seller list!

The Baudeliares need a safe place to stay - somewhere far away from terrible villains and local police. A quiet refuge where misfortune never visits. Might Heimlich Hospital be just the place? In Lemony Snicket’s eighth ghastly installment in A Series of Unfortunate Events, I’m sorry to say that the Baudelaire Orphans will spend time in the hospital where they risk encountering a misleading newspaper headlines, unnecessary surgery, an intercom system, anesthesia, heart-shaped balloons and some very startling news about a fire. With more than half a million copies sold, Snicket’s books about the charming, intelligent, and grossly unlucky orphans are both literary and irreverent, horribly hilarious and pleasantly alarming. Surely, this next book in the New York Times best selling series, set in a hospital, is the most sickening book of the season.