Onion John

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Author: Joseph Krumgold

Illustrator: Symeon Shimin

1960 Newbery Medal Winner! 12-year-old Andy Rusch is happy with his life in the small New Jersey town of Serenity. Someday he might make his father's dream of him being the first man to walk on the moon come true, but for now Andy is happy working in his dad's hardware store, playing on the town's softball team, and being best friends with the local eccentric, Onion John, a European immigrant who lives in a hut on the edge of town. Nobody else seems to understand Andy he way Onion John does. And nobody else understand Onion John at all.

But Andy's dad doesn't see how good things are, he only sees ow much better they could be. So just like he does with Andy, Mr. Rusch starts making plans for Onion John. After all, he says, all Onion John needs is a little help.

But sometimes a little help can lead to whole lot of trouble -- especially when the person you're trying to help is happy with things as they are. But can Andy get his dad to see that Onion John doesn't need to change? Ages 8 — 12. 248pp.