Black & White in Color


Author: Tana Hoban

From the acclaimed and bestselling creator Tana Hoban, this sturdy, accordion-format board book features iconic black-and-white images of recognizable objects from a child’s world accompanied by full-color photographs of babies interacting with those objects. A perfect gift for new parents.

This accordion-style foldout board book is sturdy enough to stand on its own, is ideal for little hands, and features Tana Hoban’s bold and iconic black-and-white images of familiar objects along with full-color photographs of adorable babies interacting with those objects. Before babies can see color clearly, they respond to the high contrast between black and white. Babies also love looking at photographs of other babies. Showcasing everyday objects from childhood—for example, a bottle, a spoon, or a flower—Black & White in Color educates, entertains, and helps a baby’s developing brain make connections in an ever-expanding world.

This edition includes high-contrast art from two bestselling Tana Hoban titles: Black on White and White on Black. These classic and popular board books have sold more than one million copies.