Cat & Cat Adventures: The Staff of Knowledge (Paperback)

Cat & Cat Adventures


Cat & Cat Adventures: The Staff of Knowledge (Paperback) will be available soon.
Estimated Ship Date is July 23, 2024

Author: Susie Yi

Illustrator: Susie Yi

Estimated Ship Date: July 23, 2024

Follow the antics of Squash and Ginny in the fourth installment of Cat & Cat Adventures from popular webcomic creator Susie Yi! This chapter book graphic novel series from Susie Yi is perfect for fans of Catstronauts, Babymouse, and Catwad.

Cat’s out of the bag! Squash and Ginny are preparing for another mission when Magnus suddenly arrives in search of the Staff of Knowledge. Much to everyone’s surprise, it’s not in the Spirit World—it’s in the Human World!

With Fern and Lotus’s help, Squash and Ginny locate the staff right away. But before they can return it to Magnus, Squash tries to conjure snacks (obviously), accidentally triggering a massive power surge that causes the orbs to disperse throughout the Human World. They are now lost, and the squad must retrieve them before mysterious forces get to them first!