Spider in the Well


Author: Jess Hannigan


Illustrator: Jess Hannigan

*Signed Copies Available! *

Author-illustrator Jess Hannigan makes her debut with a strikingly illustrated and darkly hilarious picture book about a young newsboy sent to the forest wishing well to uncover what might be blocking the town's wishes, only to discover a spider and its web have been intercepting wishes and collecting gold coins for itself. Perfect for fans of Jon Klassen, Ryan Higgins, and stylized cinema—from Orson Welles to Wes Anderson.

Breaking News: Wishing Well Broken!

The townspeople of Bad Göodsburg are up in arms. With their beloved well busted, none of their important, generous, kindhearted wishes are coming true! Time to send that good-for-nothing Newsboy to investigate. 

This cheeky picture book debut from author-illustrator Jess Hannigan tells the darkly dry and utterly hilarious tale of fibs, cons, and JUSTICE!