Author: Wednesday Kirwan

An ode to parent-child bonding, imagination, the ocean, and bath time! Perfectly pitched for even the youngest readers, this sweet young picture book—and the gentle, genuinely surprising twist at the end—will charm fans of Oona and Julián Is a Mermaid.

Deep down under the sea live Merbaby and Merdaddy. They talk to the fish, have seaweed picnics, float with the jellyfish, hide with the otters, surf with the turtles, and save any hapless sailors who need help. The water is the best place Merbaby can imagine being . . . until Merdaddy says their fingers look like raisins and their teeth are chattering. It's time to get out—bath time is over! Off to bed!

With bright, watercolor-and-collage illustrations and read-aloud text, Wednesday Kirwan dives into the vivid, sea-themed imagination of a young child. The gentle surprise—we've been playing in the bathtub all along!—will delight young children and their parents alike. Merdaddy is destined to become the go-to choice for “stories and songs time” before bed in every home.