And Break the Pretty Kings


Author: Lena Jeong


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Beautiful and nightmarish, this Korean-inspired YA fantasy debut is the first in a series that follows a crown princess who must use her divine powers of time travel to save her kingdom. Perfect for fans of This Savage Song and Six Crimson Cranes. 

Mirae was meant to save her kingdom.

But the ceremony before her coronation ends in terror and death, unlocking a strange new power within her and foretelling the return of a monster even the gods fear. Amid the chaos, Mirae’s beloved older brother is taken—threatening the peninsula’s already tenuous truce.

Desperate to save her brother and defeat this ancient enemy before they are beset by war, Mirae sets out on a journey with an unlikely group of companions while her unpredictable magic gives her terrifying visions . . . of a future she must stop at any cost.

The rich world building of The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea meets the dark, thrilling edge of The Shadows Between Us in the first book in this captivating fantasy series, inspired by the historical Three Kingdoms of Korea and filled with lavish, fantastical magic and a protagonist who embraces her destiny to save her home, no matter the cost.